But sometimes,right decisions can prove us wrong!

“What?! are you going? when!”
“Who did you ask? when did you book the tickets? Do you even know what are you doing?!”
“Oh please stop it! I can’t handle you guys anymore! let me do what I want to at least now!”

And the argument between Nidhi and her mother continued till long. At last, Nidhi won and she left for Hyderabad the next day – leaving her family behind and hoping to start a life – on her own. People say early adulthood is a phase where almost everything – yes, everything is forced into a poor soul. He has to be great in academics to get into a reputed college, then runs behind marks and companies to sell himself, and finally, work till he loses his life and his happiness.

One is expected to get a good job, slog for hours and get promotions to grow and whatever he earns, has to go for some random needs of the family. Everybody has some ambitions. Everybody loves to get appreciated. Everybody wants to be successful. But just because X or Y got success at this age, that doesn’t mean every individual should get success at this age. The same was the case with Nidhi. All her classmates were placed at good companies and had even moved to cities to join.

Some left to pursue their dreams and some, like Nidhi, left their homes out of peer pressure. It was not like Nidhi didn’t love her family. She had a happy joint family. But, the only thing she didn’t like was her family refusing to let her move to another city for just a job. It was a JOB for Nidhi as she had earned it after months of preparation. But, for her parents, it was a simple job which was depriving Nidhi of her capabilities.
They felt Nidhi deserved more than this job where she was going to earn Rs20000 per month and had to slog 9 – 5 from Monday to Saturday. And, above all.the most important concern for them as she had to move to another city, living in a hostel, Alone.

Being a girl pressurized with peer pressure and the urge to become INDEPENDENT, Nidhi felt she has to come out of her comfort zone. But, for her family, it was a matter of Life and Death, because, how can a Girl live alone in an unknown place? What about her safety? This fear was almost killing her family. Above all, Nidhi was just 20! she was under her parent’s cover so she only saw the world which her parents had shown her.

But, Nidhi, on the other side, had no idea that the decision she has taken, should be looked from both sides, not only from the positive side which she was looking at.

Finally, she had managed to come out and pursue her career. She thought that now, even she is a person who can earn and take care of herself. But, fate had different plans for her… The initial months of work were super exciting because she was with strong energy and determination to work. She was on her own without anybody’s support, she was managing all expenses on her own and was living a life which she needed. Which she had Dreamt. Days changed to months and months changed to years.

It was almost two years now that she was working and she had developed a sense of attitude too because talks were going on to promote her. That was the time when she had dreams of getting more and more high on her career and what not! but, things changed and she faced the REAL World… One of her colleagues was working in the same company for more than three years, without any promotion or salary hike and after hearing about Nidhi, she was devastated.

A person, when devastated, either cut himself or the person(reason) behind the devastation. After encountering with Nidhi and her Head – weight, it was time to show her the real status. Nidhi was banged on the floor in such a way by her colleagues that she lost her employment and her ability to work, forever. She was marked as a fraud and was given a black mark, where she is not permitted to accept employment by any other company. At that time, she realized her mistake. If she would have been with her family, then probably she would have been saved. She lost her career just because of her immaturity. She developed an attitude at that time when she had started to learn and grow. Only if she had listened to her parents and had been a little more mature enough to join work, she would have sensed the foul play. Only if she would have listened…

As mature individuals, we often forget that our family, our parents are our well-wishers. NOT constraints! who will not like to see their child flourishing! who will not like seeing their child climbing ladders of success! All parents wish that their child becomes the best and most successful individuals in life. On the other way, kids often forget this and take decisions out of pressure, guilt, and RACE. Yes, when she can do why can’t I! But, in the end, everybody has a different story.

Published by Rishika Powany

My name is Rishika, and I’m a Freelance writer. I am passionate about generating creative content and coaching people in Public Speaking. I help people promote and grow their brands through various Content Writing techniques. At the same time, I also show you how to hack your interviews, gain more confidence, and speak more effectively through communication strategies.

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