What COVID-19 made me realize

Nothing is permanent: We run behind money – but that becomes worthless when you don’t have anyone around you to celebrate. I was shattered when I saw a millionaire throw his money and jump from the building because he lost his family dies to COVID-19. What made him end his life? wasn’t he happy? He was a millionaire! He lost his family, his biggest wealth and rest was just paper – the only decision he could take is to end his life and thus, he lost his life. Within a fraction of seconds, everything was over!

I don’t lack time – I lack discipline: Trying to accomplish a goal but not having the time to do it? Must be my busy schedule – right? Now that I am working from home, I still did not achieve it. Simple and straight, it’s not the time, its the long list of excuses which is stopping me from accomplishing my goal.

There is nothing above Family: With the lockdown bringing all of us under a single roof, I realized how blessed I am to have a family who cares for you and does so much for me without even expecting anything in return!
Looking at the positive side of COVID Lockdown, I feel blessed to spend ample time with family and understand that no amount of money, fame, or anything can beat the worth of having a family 🙂

Published by Rishika Powany

My name is Rishika, and I’m a Freelance writer. I am passionate about generating creative content and coaching people in Public Speaking. I help people promote and grow their brands through various Content Writing techniques. At the same time, I also show you how to hack your interviews, gain more confidence, and speak more effectively through communication strategies.

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