Lockdown Cooking | Tava Pualo

With the ongoing lockdown, I am thinking of ways to learn something new every day. With eating being my most favorite activity, I decided to innovate the normal cooking and bring something new out of the existing dish that my mom prepares.

For those unknown, Tava pulao is an Indian dish made up of rice, vegetables, and spices. As the name suggests, this is prepared on an open pan and is cooked on high flame without a lid to get the street type flavor. With my superwoman chef being my side, I thought of experimenting with this dish by using my style of cooking.

Tava Pulao

Now with all the bragging and boasting, adding my recipe of Tava pulao below

Cuisine: Indian

Diet: vegetarian

Serves : 3 – 4 people

calories per serving: 350 [ approx ]

Preparation time: 20 – 25 minutes


Salted butter – 2 tablespoons or 28 grams or 1 oz

Rice [ cooked ] – 2 cups or 450 g or 15.9 oz

Finely chopped Green chilly – 1

Finely chopped onions – 2

Finely chopped bell peppers – 2

Finely chopped tomatoes – 2

Boiled and diced potatoes – 2

Semi-boiled green peas – 1/2 cup or 50 grams or 1.7 oz

Red chilly powder – as required

Salt – as required

Pav bhaji masala – 2 tablespoons or 28 grams or 1 oz

[ Optional ] coriander leaves – for garnishing

[ Optional ] fried cashews – 4 – 5 cashews

Method :

Add butter to an open pan and add onions and bell peppers once the butter melts. Cook until the onions get semi-transparent. Post this, add tomatoes, green chilly and other spices to blend it well. Allow the flavor to set for about 5 minutes. Once the flavor is set, add the cooked rice in parts and mix it lightly till the rice absorbs the flavor.

Finally, garnish with cashews and coriander. Tava pulao is ready to serve! šŸ™‚

Published by Rishika Powany

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