Book-o-Mania | Get Corporated before you get FIRED!

It’s been ages since I last wrote a book review. This lockdown has made me into a chef where all I am doing is cook, eat, work from home, sleep, and repeat! After so long, I finally got a chance to read a book and as usual, I finished the book in just three hours! Yes, crazy, but that’s how I am when it comes to books – I get deeply indulged in it and close the book only after its over, let it take three hours or three days 🙂

Get corporated before you get fired! is a dark comedy on Corporate politics, where an employee goes through several grilling and drilling, just because he is not able to meet the expectations of the “Top Management”. On the verge of meeting the expectations, many of them forget the thin line between dragging personal and professional relationships, which ultimately leads to internal politics.

This book revolves around Sid, who is confused, amazed, and startled by the way he is treated in his company. Just like any other employee, he has no idea why he is being dragged, grilled, and targeted for working efficiently! The story goes through several “Hey! I have been through this! ” instances where you will be able to recollect something similar happening to you or might have happened to you.

Sid has been assigned to deliver a product, a smartphone, in a budget which is less than an average person’s pocket money, with a timeline, which is next to impossible and with an idea, which is equal to a 5th-grade kid’s imagination. Adding to this, he has to deal with his boss, his HR and the other employees of the company, who are as clueless as he is, on why they are working for who they are working.

The story goes through amazing twists and turns where Sid enjoys [ read suffers ] a roller-coaster ride and finally delivers the product! This book is exceptionally written with the right punches, the right words, the right experiences, and, real-time scenarios. I loved this book!

Published by Rishika Powany

My name is Rishika, and I’m a Freelance writer. I am passionate about generating creative content and coaching people in Public Speaking. I help people promote and grow their brands through various Content Writing techniques. At the same time, I also show you how to hack your interviews, gain more confidence, and speak more effectively through communication strategies.

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