Little things in life!

Most of my colleagues and friends ask me about this book. What is this book and why do I always keep this book with me. Plus, why do I always start nudging when anyone tries to touch this book, forget opening it.

Little things in life, is all about my wishes. While my wish-list is near to endless, there are certain wishes which I have fulfilled for now, and there are certain wishes, which will take some time to get fulfilled. Nevertheless, I make it a point to add at least one wish to my existing wish-list, because I feel life is too boring without crazy wishes – correct? ๐Ÿ™‚

What kind of wishes do I have?

Ever heard of flying horses and dancing animals? If yes, then you and I are of the same category – weird and crazy. If you have not heard of it, then you belong to the population of normal people, who live their lives the way they want – no judgments ๐Ÿ™‚ Coming back to my wishes, I do have some crazy ones, but also have some simple wishes – something as simple as

  • Start writing my heart out
  • Cry endlessly for a day
  • Laugh till your stomach hurts
  • Eat till you bloat
  • Sleep for days
  • Dance till you drop
  • Travel the world!

I am successful in fulfilling a couple of them, but I still have a long way to go!

Published by Rishika Powany

My name is Rishika, and Iโ€™m a Freelance writer. I am passionate about generating creative content and coaching people in Public Speaking. I help people promote and grow their brands through various Content Writing techniques. At the same time, I also show you how to hack your interviews, gain more confidence, and speak more effectively through communication strategies.

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