My First Cooking Experience!

CHILDHOOD! Doesn’t this bring back those nostalgic memories? Those innocent habits, that endless crying for nothing, those midnight icecreams, sneaking chocolates from the kitchen, getting whacked for being too naughty, and suddenly realizing that you are no more a kid!

As a kid, I have done every mischief possible. While I was a good girl and have never landed in deep trouble, but yes, have done many things which have landed others in trouble *chuckles*

One such memory that I recollect till today, is about my first cooking experience!

So the story goes like this: I was in the 4th or 5th standard ( i don’t remember the exact class in which I was studying ) and I wanted to prepare chai for my family. I had seen my mother prepare tea and I knew the measurements too. The only different thing is that this time, I am going to prepare it all alone, without anyone’s help! So, with full confidence, I announced that today’s tea is going to be prepared by me and I started my preparation to make tea.

Source : Google

I carefully implemented all the steps and made one blunder in the end, I forgot to strain the tea before serving! I was so excited that I finally managed to prepare tea that I completely forgot to strain it before serving.

My mother finally had to barge in and help me wash the cups and strain the tea to serve it to all my family members. I did receive a lot of appreciation for my tea but when I think of it today, It’s like the silliest mistake I have ever done to date!

Published by Rishika Powany

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