Travel-o-Mania | Chandragiri Fort

My first out-station outing post the lockdown and I ended up visiting one of the long lost forts of the Indian History! This fort is located near Tirupati, India, and is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited! 

If you are a person who loves to admire historical monuments, then Chandragiri Fort is your place. While it’s not that big as shown in movies, but is worth visiting as the fort has a museum that has preserved some of the most precious idols, cannon shots, and even hand-written letters!

Located around 15km off Tirupati, Chandragiri Fort is accessible by car, two-wheeler, or bicycle. It can also be considered as a place for trekking.

Being an avid traveler, I have visited a lot of monumental places. The beauty of this fort is that the entire village is still protected by the walls built by the king to protect his empire. The entry to this fort starts with a narrow lane surrounded by walls and structures, which gives a feeling of entering a real fort of ancient times! This is something I have never seen before!

The entire city of Chandragiri was built by Yadava Rayas somewhere around the 11th Century and post that, there have been rulers who have added laurels to their ancestor’s hat. With every battle comes winning and defeat and this fort was finally under the rule of the king of Mysore.

The King’s palace, now converted to a museum has every single artifact preserved with the utmost care, with each artifact glorifying the brave warriors.

There is also a beautiful pond, which is located near the mountain and gives a breath-taking view of the complete palace. 

The other side of this fort has the Queen’s palace, which was covered by greenery all around! The Queen’s palace was however closed so couldn’t check much on the interiors.

Fortunately, the fort is now open for the public and I was fortunate enough to reach at the right time and capture the beauty of this abandoned fort during the day time.

However, as a tourist, you still have to comply with the latest post lockdown norms, where

  • Entry tickets are payable at INR 20 / adult for Indian Citizens
  • Tickets have to be purchased only via online medium. You have to scan a QR code posted at the booking counter and make payment online. The ticket once generated will have a unique number, which has to be registered at the counter.
  • You cannot enter the fort without a mask
  • The fort can be visited between 9 AM to 6 PM IST [ I would recommend morning time as the route may not be favorable in late evenings ]

Do check out this lovely place to witness the magnificent history of India! 

*Note* This place has a LOT of monkeys so please ensure you carry minimum luggage or keep them in your cars!

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