How to stop feeling overwhelmed

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Admit it. We all have been there.

At some point, we all must have been overwhelmed. Be it physically, emotionally, or even professionally. We all are running behind the norms of society and trying to cope up with the fast-moving world, without realizing that it can turn out to be overwhelming.

We don’t realize the amount of pressure we add on ourselves, just to prove that you are “normal” and we can handle stress and tension with ease. On a verge of glorifying how cool we are, we often end up ignoring the signs of what our inner self sends us.

This, in turn, results in the piling up of emotions, which then comes out in the form of anxiety, mood swings, and what not! instead of being that harsh on yourself, why not stop those feelings right at the beginning? When you can do so much for people who have no relevance to you, why don’t you do something for yourself? When you care so much about the world, why not try some self-care as well?

Trust me, its time to be a little selfish

It may sound weird, but this does wonders for your mental health. Try prioritizing yourself once and then watch the world respecting you and your decisions. When you feel something is wrong – call it out. When you feel insulted, do not bottle up your emotions! I am not saying to yell or to create a nuisance, but make sure you call it out in a way that is neither aggressive nor offensive. Learn to shower the love on yourself which you freely give to others.

Look at the other side

So you are in a position where you shouldn’t have been. Now what? done is done! instead of sitting and overthinking till your brain goes dead, why not think of what’s next? why not think of the other side where you have a world that will accept you for what you are and not for your past mistakes? All of us are humans, and humans have no superpowers. Humans make mistakes, isn’t it?

Relax. Breathe. Smile

Now before you hit me with a brick, let me explain what I mean here. I know it’s not easy to be relaxed while being overwhelmed. It’s not easy to breathe and forget what has happened to you. But, whatever happened, was it under your control? no right? did it still happen to you? yes. What can be done? pour your heart out, cry, yell, and isolate yourself. There is nothing wrong with bringing out your emotions. But, once you are done, promise yourself to never get back to the same situation or towards that same memory twice. That’s the trick. Failed memory – done, dusted, and pooped!


Crazy! right? trust me, when you are overwhelmed, you are frustrated or extremely upset. Instead of wasting your energy on things which you may regret later, why not invest your complete energy in working out! Working out will not only help you calm down but will also put good use to your frustrated energy and will help you with the calories as well. Great idea, isn’t it?

Pour your heart out to someone who you trust

Finally, bring out whatever is there in your mind! the person who you trust, is not going to help you eradicate the memory or the situation but will ensure that you come out of it stronger and bounce back to life with the same enthusiasm which was hidden deep inside you when life started showing its harsh side to you. Pour it out, express whatever you have in your mind, and yes, don’t forget to tightly hug that person for making you feel better 🙂

The world needs more people who can empathize than sympathize. Before you judge someone by the way they behave, pause for a moment, and check on them if everything is okay. If all okay, great! else lend a shoulder and see how you create an impact on their mental health!

Published by Rishika Powany

My name is Rishika, and I’m a Freelance writer. I am passionate about generating creative content and coaching people in Public Speaking. I help people promote and grow their brands through various Content Writing techniques. At the same time, I also show you how to hack your interviews, gain more confidence, and speak more effectively through communication strategies.

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