About me

Senior Analyst | Content writer | Certified Digital Marketing Associate – That’s all about me!

Analyst on weekdays, Freelancer on weekends.

I am a Senior Analyst with about 4 years of experience in the IT industry. I have a passion for writing, photography, and dance. My weekdays are packed with roles that help me grow professionally and my weekends are spent on activities that help me grow on the creative side.


Content Writing

Public Speaking

Digital Marketing

Ghost Writing


(2014 – Present)

  • Edit/Write blog posts and various online marketing materials.
  • Manage approx. 3 writing projects at one time.
  • Write various content for website articles
  • Write content copy for websites and businesses.
  • Edit and submit original content and version with relevant SEO synonyms and phrases.
  • Write articles supported targeted topics of the client, including desired SEO keywords and phrases.
  • Ghostwriting articles for different clients and agencies in the food and travel industry, incorporating relevant SEO terms.
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