We are all clueless..

Source : Canva

Are you thinking about what are you doing with your life? So am I! It’s not you and me, its about 45% of the world’s population who is currently having the same mindset.

Where did I go wrong? Instead of asking yourself this question, why not start figuring out what’s next, and not thinking about past mistakes and taking “steps” to improve your life? Don’t we hear this often? it’s all about taking the first step! Why not focus on the baby steps than directly jumping towards bigger steps? what is the hurry?!

I have made terrible mistakes in the past and I am unintentionally making mistakes to correct them. Why is the world so cruel! why does it always remind me of my mistakes and not good deeds I have done along with my mistakes? Again, you are not alone 🙂 We have about 7 billion people around us. The human brain is so weird that it often ignores the ones who are there for us and runs behind who is ignoring us and criticizing us. Instead of breaking our heads behind them, why don’t we focus on who is there for us? shouldn’t we be surrounding us with the people who are there for us than running behind those who won’t care about your existence! the human brain is weird at times, haha!

I am 26 and still clueless. I don’t know what I am doing – none of us know it. Sometimes, age is just a number. More than the age, it’s the experience, the maturity, which helps us grow and take better decisions. Be it 26 or 56, if you think by degrading yourself you will figure out a way, then I’m afraid but even a lifetime is short for it. If you accept being clueless and focus on what baby steps you can take next, then you may figure out a way.

If you are looking for quick solutions, then be ready for quick disasters as well. It’s taken years to figure out and accept that you are clueless, and it is going to take some time to think and take the right steps.

Remember, it’s okay if you are clueless. And yes, you are not alone – all of us, at some point, are clueless.





Happiness and Festivals | Navratri

Considered as one of the most auspicious festivals of India, Navratri is one of the most loved festivals of India, as it lasts 9 days and is celebrated through dance, prayers, and feast. The naming behind this festival is unique and is derived from two Sanskrit words, nav and ratri. Nav means nine and ratri means nights. As the name suggests, Navratri is celebrated for 9 nights with endless joy, dance, prayers, feasting, and happiness!

With every festival being unique and every tradition being unique, Navratri is celebrated differently in different parts of India. Be it Gujarat, or Bengal, or any other place, the only thing which changes is the type of prayer – the faith being constant – glory and power of the goddess.

Call it durga maa or maa ambe, goddess comes in all forms and all names and blesses us. This is the reason, each day, each version of the goddess is worshipped. While some people prefer fasting for all 9 days, some people fast on the first and last day and break their fast after performing the special traditional puja, where the thali is decorated with puris, which are then distributed as prasad.