Just a random thought

Is it always necessary to compare yourself to your colleagues or friends and get demotivated ALL the time? Why do we always under-estimate ourselves or get jealous when a person of our age gets success before us? Why don’t we understand that everyone has a different journey?

Everyone has challenges, but they are UNIQUE. Some clear it a little early and some clear it a little or later. But, everyone clears it. It’s not like you have to complete everything on time and prove your worth. Everybody is unique and has a different story. Why don’t we understand that our life is very very precious to us! why do we waste our time being jealous or sitting and regretting the past? Just remember that Great things, take Time. It’s a life yaar! it’s not your office where you have to complete work by living on DEADLINES.

This is a human life and each and everyone has a unique story. We, as individuals have no right to degrade or demotivate a person who is not successful or is a little messed up with his own life. Remember, life is a limited time opportunity where once the time is lost, it can never be recovered. So, sit and enjoy your life as much as you can! Money, Fame, Name is all a part and parcel of life! There are some constant things like Family, Friends, Relationships which will not, in fact never change with time.

You will be in a good position and name today. Who knows what is going to happen tomorrow! So, sit back and enjoy the time you spend with your friends and family! enjoy your child’s first cry, your best friend’s marriage, your life changes and what not! there are more beautiful things waiting for you ahead. All you have to do is to recognize that and add it to your life!

A pinch of Happiness and a pinch of Sadness = A Happy Life!

Have you ever ringed the doorbell of your neighbor and ran for your life?!

Have you ever slept purposefully on the sofa-set so that you get carried away to the bed?!

Have you ever cried your heart out for one small wish to get fulfilled?!

Have you ever celebrated the joy of getting unexpected leave from school?!

Have you ever treated your cousins when you got your mark sheet with No Arrears?!

Have you ever celebrated the entire day dancing and singing when you got your first message as “Your Salary is CREDITED”?! Have you?!

If your answer is Yes, then Congratulations! You are a perfect person to live on this Crazy yet Weird Planet! This world is filled with people of all kinds of personalities. Some know how to live their life and, some, don’t. Many give excuses that to lead a happy life you need money and fame.But, I believe, to lead a happy life, you don’t need money, but small moments which you spend with your family, your loved ones, with your better half, with your child. I am not going to the emotional side about going money can’t buy happiness and all! I know money is needed for survival. But, at the same time, even little bit of happiness is needed for survival 🙂