2020, you weren’t that bad!

COVID-19, Strain, F#$k 2020 – These three words sum up 2020 as a year. For some, 2020 was a disaster. For some, 2020 was painful. Long story short, 2020 was life-changing! For me, 2020 was different as it was like a roller coaster ride! each passing day had something different to teach me. I amContinue reading “2020, you weren’t that bad!”

Mental Health | Panic Attacks and Mind Cluttering

I couldn’t feel any moment on my body. I couldn’t think of anything and my vision was turning blurry. It felt like someone is holding my head tightly and hitting a hammer on my head. I couldn’t bear the noise and I wanted to yell till my lungs are out of my body. But, IContinue reading “Mental Health | Panic Attacks and Mind Cluttering”