Beauty, Fitness, Relaxation and Wellnessta!

From having a humble beginning to now being on of the topmost service providers, Wellnessta has come a long way. Wellnessta helps connect customers virtually to beauty & Salons, Gyms & Yoga centers, and Ayurvedic centers. While consumers are raising the bar by demanding services at the click of a button, Wellnessta plays a roleContinue reading “Beauty, Fitness, Relaxation and Wellnessta!”

Book-o-Mania | Nothing Lasts Forever

This story revolves around Raaj, who dies under mysterious circumstances, and his wife, Serena, who is clueless about the death of her husband. While it looks like a natural death, the cops who come to investigate the matter find a new angle to death, making it a conspiracy. Serena is a successful banker who wasContinue reading “Book-o-Mania | Nothing Lasts Forever”