Lockdown Cooking | Instant Condensed Milk

Today being mother’s day, I wanted to make it special by giving my mom something made by me and keeping this in mind, I quickly started digging my mind and came up with an idea to bake a cake, using condensed milk as a key ingredient I was amidst preparing a cake and on the vergeContinue reading “Lockdown Cooking | Instant Condensed Milk”

Lockdown Cooking | Instant Whipped Cream

Cooking has now become a part of my daily routine. Not a single day goes without experimenting with the items present in the kitchen. While the flop ones go to my twitter feed, the successful ones end up on my blog 🙂 Today being mother’s day, I badly wanted to bake a cake, but this lockdown!Continue reading “Lockdown Cooking | Instant Whipped Cream”