Lockdown Cooking | Whole wheat papdi

When it comes to junk food, papdi is the first snack that comes to my mind! Papdi is one of the most-used and most loved Indian snack, where people love consuming it as it is during tea breaks or use it as the base to prepare other chat items. Having it as it is orContinue reading “Lockdown Cooking | Whole wheat papdi”

Lockdown Cooking | Dhokla Chaat

Dhokla is one of the most loved Gujarati delicacies which is often made for breakfast or evening snacks. Dhokla is made from Bengal gram flour and has a mixture of both sweet and salty taste. They have a texture like that of a pancake and has the taste of a snack with a khatta – meetha flavor. sinceContinue reading “Lockdown Cooking | Dhokla Chaat”