Lockdown Cooking | Masala Pav

When it comes to street style food, all we crave is fried fritters or items topped with tons of cheese! masala pav is also street-style food, but with a little twist – it has junk but has an equal amount of healthy options as well.  Bombay style masala pav tastes similar to pav bhaji andContinue reading “Lockdown Cooking | Masala Pav”

Lockdown Cooking | Pav Bhaji

With the weekend around the corner, I thought of preparing Bombay style pav bhaji at home. Usually, I keep trying new recipes almost every day but now thought of putting a full stop to new ideas and prepare something which is loved by all! Serves: 4 What did I use? Boiled and mashed potatoes –Continue reading “Lockdown Cooking | Pav Bhaji”