2020, you weren’t that bad!

COVID-19, Strain, F#$k 2020 – These three words sum up 2020 as a year. For some, 2020 was a disaster. For some, 2020 was painful. Long story short, 2020 was life-changing! For me, 2020 was different as it was like a roller coaster ride! each passing day had something different to teach me. I amContinue reading “2020, you weren’t that bad!”

We are all clueless..

Are you thinking about what are you doing with your life? So am I! It’s not you and me, its about 45% of the world’s population who is currently having the same mindset. Where did I go wrong? Instead of asking yourself this question, why not start figuring out what’s next, and not thinking aboutContinue reading “We are all clueless..”