Stop being toxic in the name of positivity!

STOP IT! Just Stop it! Humans get emotional. Humans cry over failures. Humans cry over heartbreaks. Humans regret. Humans feel. Humans slip into depression. Humans fall sick. Humans can also be physically healthy but need moral support. Humans can have a mental illness. Humans feel better by sharing their sorrows. If you as a humanContinue reading “Stop being toxic in the name of positivity!”

What are you burning yourself up for?

When our minds can be so beautiful and imaginative, what are we burning ourselves for? People who surround us, people who criticize us, or for the people who are there for us?! What is stopping us from doing the impossible? opinions? judgments? or comments? And did I mention that the mind stores only what isContinue reading “What are you burning yourself up for?”